Life Coaching

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

einstein (attrib.)

The deep imagination is our primary resource for recognising the emerging future, for ‘seeing’ the visionary possibilities of what we can create right now – individually and collectively…. It is our essential resource for all genuine human creativity.

bill plotkin

Life Coaching sessions with me may be a good fit for you if:

  • you’re interested in bringing a bird’s eye view to a situation in your life
  • you are drawn to exploring a deeper approach to issues and problems than just thinking about them and working out a strategy
  • you are open to using a connection to your intuition, feelings and your body responses in finding solutions
  • you are interested in honing your connection to what is most important to you in life
  • you are seeking solutions than will allow you to live with a sense of authenticity and purpose
  • you think you would benefit from support, presence, affirmation, questioning and empathy in untangling knotted threads and moving forward
  • you are keen to work in a way that acknowledges the complexity of life and the way that our decisions and issues are part of a broader system
  • the issues you’re dealing with include a sense of being deeply affected by what’s going on in the environment, politics and society
  • you’re interested in creating a healthier balance between the different elements of your life
  • you’d like to connect more deeply with your inner resources and resourcefulness
  • you are open to the possibility of seeing ‘problems’ as windows to a more authentic and meaningful future
  • you would benefit from a co-creative journey in which you would be accompanied and encouraged to focus on your agency in creating solutions and visioning the future
  • you resonate with the sense of there being a value in making purpose and vision central to the decisions you make

It may not be a perfect fit if:

  • you’re mainly looking for practical, packaged advice without working actively and collaboratively on finding and implementing solutions
  • you’d like to be ‘told’ rather than ‘asked’ – you may find a coach with an autocratic approach may be more suited than me
  • you’re unlikely to be open to trying new things and approaches
  • you’re mainly looking for support in exploring issues from the past – you may find Counselling or Psychotherapy to be more suited to what you’re needing in this case
  • you’re likely to feel a high level of resistance to exploring intuition, feelings or body responses during sessions
  • you feel you are unlikely to benefit from exploring how your situation relates to a bigger picture including other people and the wider world
  • you’re looking for support specifically with issues including a high level of trauma (although I am trauma-informed in the way I approach sessions, you may find a trauma specialist is needed in this case; should something arise during a session that I believe cannot be held adequately in the container of the session, I will recommend you to seek additional support)
  • you are looking for a solution to a big issue in a single session (although a single session can often be transformative, some issues may benefit from a longer time frame to delve deeper)
  • you feel that you are currently as connected as you want to be to the resources you need to navigate challenges

What you seek, is seeking you


I have experienced Life Coaching to be a powerful tool to focus more deeply on what I really feel is important in life, to navigate tangled dilemmas, inner obstacles and blocks, to feel more connected to a sense of purpose, to feel more fully alive, and to make sense of conflicting demands on my time and attention or the many different things I sometimes feel I’m simultaneously needing in my life. Life Coaching has also really helped me to stay in contact with my sense of agency and creativity both in my musical projects and in the art of living.

I approach coaching in an embodied way, by which I mean that I seek to listen to and bring a deeper sense of presence to what the body, feelings and intuition are communicating. A session is a way to create a potent and pregnant space where insights and perspectives can emerge. There is the possibility to step back and to see, feel or sense a problem from a fresh or bird’s eye view. More than this, there is often the possibility within a session to imagine, embody or feel into a real change that can be the seed for a transformation to occur in a way that we may not be able to make sense of rationally or implement. It’s based on the sense that in our bodies and feelings there may be an enormous wisdom or knowing about what the solution to a problem is, and I aim through coaching sessions to hold this space for these insights to emerge. This means not just sitting and talking about an issue, but actively including our imaginations and capacity to visualise and to feel solutions as potent ways to move forward.

My approach to coaching is also systemic by which I mean that exploring an issue touches on many different elements of ourselves and of our complex world. By acknowledging this complexity and the way that different elements may have conflicting needs, there is the possibility of untangling a tricky and knotty situation and to allow each of the elements to find their optimal voice and for the best outcome to emerge in a clear way. I find this a helpful and a hopeful map in navigating both small issues and also in touching on bigger challenges that we face.

If you resonate with this and would like to book a session, or if you need more info to know if this is the right thing for you, I’d love to hear from you – please get in touch.