Matthew Heyse-Moore Musician, Composer, Teacher

What i offer

Music tuition

One-to-one and group tuition and coaching to deepen your connection with music. Piano, clarinet, learning to improvise, composing, appreciating music, demystifying music theory. Available in Stroud, Bristol and online.

Music performance

I am available for performances, weddings, receptions and functions, funerals. As well as playing my own compositions I offer a wide variety of repertoire including classical, Klezmer and contemporary jazz, on both clarinet and piano. Please contact me for more details and rates.

Music and spirituality

I am fascinated by the interconnection between music and spirituality and I love to facilitate exploratory and experiential groups on this theme.


I am open to commissions for voices or instruments. My music is contemplative, mystical, nature-inspired and uplifting. Please contact me for more details.

Deepening into Music courses for adults

I am passionate about sharing my love of music and have been running courses since 2009 to support people to deepen their experience of music

Voice and movement workshops

“If you can talk you can sing, if you can walk you can dance” (Zimbabwean proverb). Embodying the unifying power of sacred chant from round the world. Connecting more deeply with the natural world and with ourselves. What happens when we allow ourselves the space for our natural creativity to flow?

Arranging and notating music

I arrange, transpose and transcribe music for specific voices or instruments. I can notate music to create a professionally-engraved copies.

Recording and Music Production

I bring a keen musical ear, attention for detail and people skills to the collaborative process of recording, editing and mixing. I also offer a vinyl and cassette digitalisation service.

about me

Matthew Heyse-Moore is a composer, musician and teacher based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Whether composing his own music, playing or teaching, Matthew believes passionately in the power of music to touch the heart and move us deeply.

Matthew’s musical journey has encompassed both a classical training including a music degree, as well as an interest in exploring and assimilating various other influences from traditional musics from around the world. Since 2002 Matthew has been fascinated by improvisation as creative expression, and has felt this to bring a new and exciting dimension to his performing, composing and teaching.

He has a one-to-one teaching practice in piano, clarinet and improvisation in Stroud and Bristol, and many students have come seeking support with improvising, composing and finding intuitive ways to engage with music to complement a more classical or sheet-music-based approach.

As a performer on clarinet and piano, Matthew has accompanied singers and played solo at concerts and festivals in the UK and abroad. He has played clarinet with the band Faeland and appears on their first album. Musicians and audiences have commented on the sensitivity and heart-focused quality of Matthew’s playing.

Matthew has recorded and produced a CD in collaboration with composer Richard Pond, and is currently working on two albums of his own music.

Matthew has taught highly successful regular classes for adults in Music Appreciation since 2009 with the intention of sharing his knowledge and love of music widely including deepening the listening experience of those who have not necessarily had a formal training in music.

Much of Matthew’s own music takes its inspiration from natural landscapes and the timelessness of ancient chant. One current project, Songs of the Forest, seeks to weave a magical and contemplative tapestry of sound using piano, clarinet and voices in a way that evokes the beauty and power of mountains, rivers and forests and the interconnection between forest species. Matthew believes passionately in music as something to be experienced actively rather than heard passively, and part of his composing work seeks to explore ways in which non-musically-trained people can engage and be a part of a moving musical experience. He wrote a participatory multi-faith 9-part chant for the 2018 Sacred Music Festival in Stroud, which embodies this conviction about the power of music to unite people and to build bridges. He believes in the capacity for music to articulate experiences and to heal conflicts in a way that words cannot.


Listen to some of my music

Music tuition

Supporting adults and children to deepen their connection to music since 2007

I offer one-to-one tuition from beginner level to advanced. My main instruments are clarinet and piano, but I also offer tuition in improvisation, music theory and understanding the background to a wide range of musical genres (including Western classical, jazz, Klezmer, traditional music from Eastern Europe, the Middle East and India, minimalist music). This may be be of interest and benefit to people learning other instruments.

I teach both adults and children, and I tailor my approach to the individual learner. There are various possibilities including learning from sheet music, developing aural skills by playing by ear, improvising and composing one’s own songs, deepening an understanding and appreciation of musical repertoire, finding approachable ways to delve into music theory.

Above all, I’m keen to share the joy that music has brought me since childhood.

Teaching is available in Stroud (Gloucestershire), in central Bristol (near Gloucester Road), and online (Zoom or Skype). It may be possible for me to travel to learners’ homes – please enquire. I’m fully insured and DBS/ CRB-checked. Tuition fee for weekly lessons in my main teaching venues is currently £40 for an hour (extra charge for lessons elsewhere depending on distance) – please enquire.

Contact me on (0117) 214 0418 or 0560 364 9484, or email me at for more information or to discuss details.


Here are details of some of my current and past composing projects:

Song of the Forest

Music inspired by trees and the rich ecosystems of the forests of our planet.

Nature is at the heart of my inspiration as a musician. This project seeks to evoke the beauty and power of nature and the interconnection between woodland species.

The project will be released as a CD and digital download when the album is complete, however the project is also intended as a live participatory experience to deepen our connection with the natural world.

You can listen to some complete tracks from the recording here

A Festival of Colour

 A solo piano journey through 6 colours which began as a collaborative project with Imagine Therapeutic Arts in Stroud in January 2019. This performance has been recorded and is available as a CD and a digital download -you can listen and/or purchase it here.

A Song of Exile

A work for unaccompanied SATB choir aiming to highlight and explore some of the issues in our time around migration and refuge.

A Mass for our Time

A project which brings together words from various spiritual traditions, evoking the interconnectedness of all life while celebrating its diversity, promoting cross-cultural understanding, sowing seeds for peace for our time.


“I have been in Matthew’s class since he began them and I keep coming back because they are so enjoyable and informative.”

“An excellent teacher/leader
1. Knowledgeable – an impressive knowledge on all aspects and eras of music
2. Well-prepared lessons – structured but flexible – he adapts the lesson according to comments from the group
3. Inspiring – opens our minds to a variety of aspects of music leading to a real appreciation of the subject
4. Challenging – he makes us think of links with other pieces of music & to consider more demanding compositions
5. Encouraging – with discussions in small groups; the whole group comments create an open & friendly atmosphere
6. Clarity of teaching methods – in what could be complex or dense, he cuts through the material to help us understand, while his love & knowledge of the subject shines through”

“I listen to music so much more intensely now. Matthew is a great motivator for learning and excellent at including everyone in the process; everyone’s view is valued”

“An inspiring course, led by Matthew whose expertise, wide knowledge and deep understanding of all aspects of music which he is so willing and keen to share makes it a joy and privilege to be involved”

“I have studied with Matthew for 2 years. Coming from a total lack of knowledge of classical music, he has stimulated my interest and understanding by his wide knowledge and ability to share it in an interesting way”

“A real highlight of the week. I have learned a huge amount and enjoyed every moment”

An outstanding tutor – able to engage students at all levels of musical experience and make his sessions entertaining as well as expanding our understanding of music”

Matthew is a very knowledgeable teacher and we really look forward to and enjoy every lesson”

Contact me

Matthew Heyse-Moore

+44 117 214 0418
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