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About me


I am a teacher, workshop facilitator, coach, musician and composer living in the south-west of the UK. My work brings together the power of music, chant and sound with an embodied and nature-based approach to life. I see embodiment as a way to be more fully present with the full reality of who I am as a human being, and I experience the meeting places of music, nature and embodiment both as crucial personal resources and as powerful and positive tools in creating and strengthening community.

Much of my work seeks to engage with the huge challenges of our time and in particular the marginalisation of people, planet and parts of ourselves. I see connecting to the web of life as a daily practice which needs continual remembering amid the many potential pulls to forget this interconnection.

I resonate with the image of a circle as a space for individuals to be empowered as part of a wider community. Iā€™m keen in my teaching and workshops to create space for ways of learning which are experiential, intuitive, embodied, emotional to complement the cognitive.

Much of my work is anchored in the capacity for music to articulate experiences and to heal conflicts within ourselves and beyond in a way that words alone cannot. I aim through music to support a deeper human connection with the natural world, and I find inspiration here for ways to live from a perspective of equality, justice and interconnection.

What I offer emerges from a rich web of interconnected threads. I am grateful to the countless people, places, connections, teachers and wisdom keepers that are making this possible.

6 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hello, I’m looking for a piano teacher to come to our home in Uplands, Stroud to teach my 7 year old. Is this something you could offer? Many thanks, Nic

    1. Hi Nicola, I do offer piano lessons in Stroud. I will send you a personal message so that we can discuss what would work. all the best, Matthew.

  2. Hi Matthew
    using this form as the contact form did not work..

    I am interested in piano lessons for myself and perhaps for my children, but for me initially I think. I am 53, around grade 5 standard but lapsed and would like to keep it going and explore other pieces + improvisation.
    I am based in Kings Stanley or could come to Stroud.

    1. Hi Rob, Thanks for getting in touch. I will send you a personal message so that we can discuss what would work. all the best, Matthew.

  3. Hi Matthew I am interested in the recent Zoom course on Appreciating Music you have been running recently. Are you intending to run anything similar in the autumn? I live in Bristol, but my partner lives near Stroud, so I can get to either.

    I know you are doing individual days at Stoke Lodge, but would prefer a weekly class.

    Look forward to hearing from you

    David Memel

    1. Hi David, thanks for getting in touch. I will send you an email with more details about weekly sessions later in the year – we will begin on 1st October. all the best, Matthew

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