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“I have been in Matthew’s class since he began them and I keep coming back because they are so enjoyable and informative.”

“An excellent teacher/leader
1. Knowledgeable – an impressive knowledge on all aspects and eras of music
2. Well-prepared lessons – structured but flexible – he adapts the lesson according to comments from the group
3. Inspiring – opens our minds to a variety of aspects of music leading to a real appreciation of the subject
4. Challenging – he makes us think of links with other pieces of music & to consider more demanding compositions
5. Encouraging – with discussions in small groups; the whole group comments create an open & friendly atmosphere
6. Clarity of teaching methods – in what could be complex or dense, he cuts through the material to help us understand, while his love & knowledge of the subject shines through”

“I listen to music so much more intensely now. Matthew is a great motivator for learning and excellent at including everyone in the process; everyone’s view is valued”

“An inspiring course, led by Matthew whose expertise, wide knowledge and deep understanding of all aspects of music which he is so willing and keen to share makes it a joy and privilege to be involved”

“I have studied with Matthew for 2 years. Coming from a total lack of knowledge of classical music, he has stimulated my interest and understanding by his wide knowledge and ability to share it in an interesting way”

“A real highlight of the week. I have learned a huge amount and enjoyed every moment”

An outstanding tutor – able to engage students at all levels of musical experience and make his sessions entertaining as well as expanding our understanding of music”

Matthew is a very knowledgeable teacher and I really look forward to and enjoy every lesson”